Making healthcare accessible for all.

We believe healthcare services should be accessible and affordable for everyone.


The impact that web and mobile technologies can have to enhance healthcare is potentially endless. We created Wayu Health to explore and develop some of those possibilities.

Our mission is to make healthcare accessible to more people. We do so by building tools that make services more readily available for people with limited mobility, reach, time or resources. We also collaborate with healthcare organisations and partners to design community health programs that provide preventive care and wellness to communities at large.

Our vision is a simpler, tech’ier, healthier world!


Telehealth has proven to be instrumental in making healthcare accessible to more people and improving the quality of care they receive. Our healthcare delivery platform, WayuMD, enables doctors and healthcare professionals to expand their reach, enhance the quality of care they provide and empower their patients to be more engaged in their health. WayuMD is healthcare’s technology platform.

Community Health

A healthy community benefits everyone. However, there are many people who are left out of the system, having to scramble to access even basic healthcare services. We work with healthcare organisations, non-profits and community health workers to design and deploy community health programs in primary care as well as important preventive care services.

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